Acoustic Enterprises Inc

What a fantastic product these people manufacture! They make acoustic (sound dampening) tiles that looks like wall art. Their previous developer had set up their wordpress site so much of the consumer side functionality was unusable. I have been helping them make minor changes until they are ready to re-create the whole site in a [Read More…]

Evolution of piKziL v1

What an amazing project this is! I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a musical and artistic endeavor that inspires me in so many ways. The main driving force in the project, Liza Oxnard is a creative visionary with a rare talent for collaboration.

Integrative Botanical

The majority of this site was built by the founder, Erin Smith. I am her go-to troubleshooting person.

Spoken Life Productions

  This site was for a One Woman Show by Diana Houget during the Boulder International Fringe Festival Natrexone without a prescription in 2014.

Team Relay

  This site was to promote a project management software.   We were given a mockup by the graphic designer which we then used in the front end for development. This UI was coded from scratch.