Updates and Maintenance

Why Should I Pay For Maintenance? “Now that my site is finished, I can just leave it until I want to change it, right?” You wouldn’t say that about your vegetable garden! Much like your garden, a website is a complicated thing with a lot of dependent moving parts. It’s a living, interactive representation of [Read More…]

WordPress Plugins: Why and How

WHAT ARE WORDPRESS PLUGINS? WordPress plugins are individual pieces of software that you can download and install to your WordPress website. You can think of them a little like apps for your smartphone. Just as you can download an app to add a new feature to your phone, you can use a plugin to add [Read More…]


Shouldn’t I try to save money on hosting? Everyone wants to keep costs low but the most frustrating part of a crummy host is that you will think that there’s something wrong with your site. It’s like driving a sports car on a dirt road. If you are starting from scratch it will likely take [Read More…]