The Stages Of Building Online

Here’s a quick bare-bones guide for building. Whether you are doing it yourself, or have a developer, it’s super helpful to understand these steps. When tech systems are drag and drop and things can be built quickly, it gives all of us an exaggerated sense of how efficient tech can be. Some parts work easily- […]

Why We Use Stripe

Billion-dollar companies like Lyft, Salesforce, Warby Parker, and Instacart trust Stripe with their payment processing. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Stripe is a committed CARBON-NEUTRAL company. Awareness of the environmental impact of their software business and happily paying carbon offsets shows intelligence and responsibility. Full Report on Carbon Neutral Commitment¬† TOP NOTCH SECURITY Stripe also has the highest […]

Why Cheap Hosting Isn’t Cheap

If there are free and cheap options, why should I pay for hosting? YOUR URL LOOKS PROFESSIONAL If I hosted my site on, visitors would have to type in to access my site. It looks like you are running a business in your basement over the weekends. If you want to be perceived […]

Updates and Maintenance

Why Should I Pay For Maintenance? “Now that my site is finished, I can just leave it until I want to change it, right?” You wouldn’t say that about your vegetable garden! Much like your garden, a website is a complicated thing with a lot of dependent moving parts. It’s a living, interactive representation of […]